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Sponsoring a child
will change their life forever

 There will always be a great need for sponsorship in Africa. Education is not free in Uganda or Kenya. Even though you may read online that education is free, children are not allowed to attend without a school uniform, backpack, shoes, socks, money for books and school examines. 

We are currently raising money to sponsor 5 children who grew up at Green Valley Orphanage and attended Green Valley primary school. These children are now in senior 3, but previous sponsors are unable to continue supporting all of them. Yearly tuition is $1,050.00, or $350 per trimester. We have known these children since 2018, and hope and pray that they will be able to finish their education​.


They are currently attending Citizen's Secondary Boarding School in Uganda. The benefits of attending a boarding school include: starting class on time, teachers who can stay after and help students needing extra attention, 3 meals a day, a bed to sleep on, clean clothes, safe environment, after school activities, light to do their homework, water to bathe in, good friends to encourage each other, and so much more.


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