Equipping People To Be Able To

Support Their Families.

In countries where the average person makes about $2.00 per day, a little help can go a long way. In talking with the local people, we've found ways of being able to help. Many are now raising pigs, goats, and chickens as a way of making money. We've started sewing schools in two countries, hair salon training. We've talked with graduates, and to our delight many have found jobs. We've opened up a craft shop where women can bring their baskets and other hand made crafts to sell.


2021 Sewing and

Hair Salon Graduates


Hair Salon Graduates working

Craft Shop Picture.jpeg

Christ Vision Craft Shop

where women sale their goods  

Craft shop inside.jpeg

Inside our Craft Shop

Sewing Graduate.jpeg

Sewing Graduate owns her own shop


Women are now raising goats to provide for their families


Dozens of women are now raising pigs to provide for their families