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Knowing God
The Holy Awe (fear) of God
By John Bevere

Day 1: God’s Treasure - Holy fear is God’s treasure; it should be ours

He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the LORD is the key to His treasure. Is 33:6

Day 1 God’s Treasure

Day 2: Contrasting Fears - Holy fear is not to be scared of God and thereby withdraw from Him. It’s to be terrified of being away from Him.

Day 2 Contrasting Fears

Day 3: What is Holy Fear? - To love what God loves and to hate what God hates. What is important to Him becomes important to us. What is not so important to Him becomes not so important to us.

Day 3 What is Holy Fear_

Day 4: God’s Tangible PresenceYou will only find God’s manifest presence in an atmosphere where He’s held with the utmost of respect.

Day 4 God’s Tangible Presence

Day 5: An Unforgettable EveningThe fear of the Lord changes atmospheres. It cultivates an environment for the Holy Spirit’s power to change my life and the lives of others

Day 5 Unforgettable Evening

Day 6: Beholding Him - The greater God’s manifest glory, the greater and swifter the judgment of irreverence. Our holy fear of God grows, and can keep growing.

Day 6 Beholding Him

Day 7: The Glory of GodThe glory of the Lord is everything that makes God, God. All His characteristics, authority, power, wisdom – literally the immeasurable weight and magnitude of God. When Jesus returns, His glory will be so much greater than the sun.

Day 7 The Glory of God

Day 8: Your ValueThe price God paid for you was the life of His only begotten Son, which means He values you as much as He values Jesus

Day 8 Your Value

Day 9: The Fatal CollisionThe greater God’s manifest glory, the greater and swifter the judgment of irreverence.

Day 9 The Fatal Collision

Day 10: God Isn’t WatchingGod knows not only what you do, but the motives and intentions behind your actions.

Day 10 God Isn’t Watching

 Day 11: Fear and TremblingYou cannot do anything to make God love you more or less than He already does. But you are responsible for how pleased He is with you.

Day 11 Fear and Trembling

Day 12: Contagious HypocrisyThe fear of the Lord keeps us in touch with our heart motives, which is critically important, for the lack thereof leaves us vulnerable to the deception of hypocrisy.

Day 12_ Contagious Hypocrisy

Day 13: Three ImagesEvery human being has three images, a perceived image (false image), a projected image, and an actual image.

Our perceived image is how others see us.

Our projected image is the way we desire others to see us.

Our actual image is how God sees us

Day 13_ Three Images

Day 14: Eternal DecisionsWhat I do with the cross determines where I’ll spend eternity, however, the way I live as a believer determines how I’ll live in the forever

Day 14_ Eternal Decisions

Day 15: The Fear of Man - You will serve who you fear. If you fear God, you’ll obey God. If you fear man, you’ll ultimately obey man’s desires.

Day 15_ The Fear of Man

Day 16: Entitlement attitudeThe love of God protects us from the ditch of legalism. Conversely, the fear of the Lord protects us from the ditch of lawlessness. Holy fear empowers me to stay on the path of true holiness.

Day 16 Entitlement attitude

Day 17: Depart From EvilThe fear of the Lord is a gift from our loving Heavenly Father that protects us from departing from Him.

Day 17 Depart From Evil

Day 18: LongevityEvery created being who surrounds God’s throne for eternity will be those who fear Him.

Day 18 Longevity

Day 19: Cleanse Ourselves - The work of sanctification (holiness) is when what was done on the inside of me is worked out; my new nature becomes an outward reality in the way I live.

Day 19 Cleanse Ourselves

Day 20: Our PursuitWithout chasing after, with the intent to apprehend, behavioral holiness I cannot enter into the presence of the Lord. It’s not when I arrive at the place of perfect holiness, rather when I make it my heart’s pursuit.

Day 20 Our Pursuit
Day 21 Desire and Power
Day 21: Desire and PowerIf I’m unaware of grace’s empowerment, I will continue to attempt to please God in my own ability. I will have received God’s grace in vain.

Day 22: Trembling at God’s WordThe evidence of holy fear is obedience, which entails both a right attitude and follow-through in action, no matter the circumstances.

Day 22 Trembling at God’s Word

Day 23: Immediately - If I delay my obedience to God’s Word for personal excuses, I communicate that His will is secondary in importance.

Day 23 Immediately

Day 24: It Makes No Sense - The Lord’s wisdom far exceeds ours; therefore, we shouldn’t depend on our own understanding. It can easily sway us from beneficial obedience. The person who fears God obeys, even when it doesn’t make sense.

Day 24_ It Makes No Sense

Day 25: No Obvious Benefit - We most often miss the greatest blessings by shunning God’s wisdom that doesn’t appear to be personally beneficial.

Day 25_ No Obvious Benefit

Day 26: A Good Pain - The fear of the Lord is what arms me to maintain a deep resolve to obey God, even in the face of adversity.

Day 26_ A Good Pain

Day 27: It Is Finished - Almost complete obedience isn’t obedience at all. Jesus set the example for us to fully obey – to the finish – whatever God entrusts to us.

Day 27 It Is Finished

Day 28: How to Sear a Conscience - The clarity and strength of our conscience can be altered. Our sensitivity is strengthened by holy fear, and conversely, is dulled by the lack thereof.

Day 28 How to Sear a Conscience

Day 29: Where Intimacy Begins - True intimacy is spawned from both parties knowing each other well, not just one.

Day 29 Where Intimacy Begins

Day 30: A Different Jesus - It’s possible to believe with all your heart in someone or something that isn’t true.

Day 30 A Different Jesus

Day 31: I Don’t Know You - The evidence that someone is in relationship with Jesus is they are empowered beyond their own ability to keep His word. This empowerment is identified as His grace.

Day 31 I Don’t Know You

Day 32: The Secret of the Lord - God shares His secrets with intimate close friends, and His close friends are those who embrace holy fear.

Day 32 The Secret of the Lord

Day 33: The Inside Scoop - God shares His plans with those who fear Him. He hides his plans to those whose loyalty is divided between Him and the world.

Day 33 The Inside Scoop

Day 34: Face to Face - The foundation of trust is imperative to entering a friendship with God, it is found in those who fear the Lord.

Day 34 Face to Face

Day 35: You Are My Friends - We don’t gain Jesus’s trust by just believing in Him. Friendship with the Lord is reserved for those who fear Him.

Day 35 You Are My Friends

Day 36: Establish It on Earth - Often people interpret scripture through the lens of experience, either their own or others, rather than believing for scripture to shape their experience.

Day 36 Establish It on Earth

Day 37: The Fear That Eliminates Fears - Any fear in your life only identifies what you haven’t put under the cross; you still own that area of your life.

Day 37 The Fear that Eliminates Fears

Day 38: Legacy - When you abide in holy fear something significant is transmitted to your descendants. Not only will they be influencers, but you will continue to be blessed through them.

Day 38 Legacy

Day 39: The Most Important Thing - As a Christ follower, getting wisdom is the most important thing I can do. The fear of the Lord is the fountain of wisdom, it protects me from the traps of death.

Day 39 The Most Important Thing

Day 40: Successful Living - Wealth is not measured by the amount of money or possessions I have, but my ability to help others. Nobility is wrapped up in my character, not my title or position.

Day 40 Successful Living

Day 41: Finishing Well - To the degree pride dies, is the degree I will have a fresh vision of Jesus. True humility is rooted in holy fear. It’s knowing that without Jesus, I can do nothing.

Day 41 Finishing Well

Day 42: The Rewards of Holy Fear - Finishing well is the most important aspect of living well. God, through His gift of holy fear, will keep you strong and blameless to the end.

Day 42 The Rewards of Holy Fear
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