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Equipping Churches & People

Every time we go to Africa we love to preach and teach the Gospel. We speak in very small churches, large churches, outdoor churches, and village crusades. We hold conferences for women, men, marriage, and children. And our teachings don't end when we leave Africa. Mentoring continues with many people via WhatsApp throughout the year.


Many times we see a need, and sense God's leading to meet that need. That has included: Building a wall around a church so it would never flood again, help with roofing churches and homes in need, providing solar lanterns to those without electricity, equipping churches with sound equipment, feeding widows and the poor during Covid, equipping churches with sanitation equipment so they could reopen after Covid.


Preach & Teach


Women's Conference


Feeding the Hungry

During Covid


Equipping Pastors and Students with Transportation


Supplying Reading Glasses, Clothes, Shoes, School Supplies, and So Much More to those in need


Supplying Churches with the necessary sanitary materials to reopen after Covid


Daphne's Testimony

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