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After visiting Uganda in 2018 God made it clear that Africa was where He wanted me to begin, what I believe is the assignment I was created for, equipping His beloved children to be all He created them to be. He gave me a love and passion to to share with others what He had been teaching me for over a decade about walking in my identity as a child of King Jesus. 

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Equipping Churches & People

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Equipping The Young


Equipping People To Support Their Families

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Equipping People To Start A Business

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Equipping People To Learn A Skill





EVANGELISM – Invest in our crusades that reach the unsaved, and those who have never heard of Jesus


DISCIPLESHIP – Invest in food so we can feed the 1000s that come to our meetings to hear the truth about the Gospel


HOME IMPROVEMENT – Tin roofs to replace banana fibers, rain gutters to collect water year round, solar, regular electricity, farming tools, bricks, cement, beds, mattress, blankets, cooking equipment, water filter


WOMEN’S PROJECTS – Sewing schools, hair salon schools, basket making, jewelry making, yearly rent for our craft store, pigs, pig pens, goats, chickens, rabbits, selling wood and coal, selling used clothing 


EQUIPPING OTHERS -  Bibles, reading glasses, solar lanterns, sewing machines to graduates, school supplies, teacher supplies, calculators, phones, tablets, computers, printers, internet access, getting a driver’s license 


TRADE SCHOOLS – welding, auto mechanics, carpentry, brick laying, concrete making, tourism, hotel management, catering, electronics, electrical wiring


ENTREPRENEURSHIP –  Small business (tire, hair salon for women or men, a small shop selling dry goods and soft drinks, sewing, and other creative ideas), driver, resale clothing at the marketplace, cook and sell food


FEEDING ORPHANS – Children that pastors have taken in, food for orphanages


EDUCATING CHILDREN – Sponsor children from pre-school through university


MONTHLY SALARIES - Teachers, shop workers, store rentals


TRANSPORTATION – Bicycle, motorcycle, car


MEDICAL – Have cash reserved for sick children, parents and pastors, the unexpected, medicine, 

x-rays, health check-ups, surgery 


CHURCHES – sound equipment, keyboard, musical instruments, rent, roofs, chairs, projectors, repairs, Sunday School supplies, tents, money set aside for emergencies


PASTORS – Financial support, school fees for their children, food, misc. 


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Equipping People Through Donations

Everything we do in Africa is accomplished through donations. And, 100% of all donations stay in Africa. If you would like to donate to a specific area, just let us know, and we will do our best to make that happen. 

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