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Declarations from Titus & Philemon
Chapter 1: I declare that I exercise self-control, I am worthy of respect and I choose to live wisely. I have sound faith and I am filled with love and patience. I live in a way that honors God. I do not insult or talk about others behind their backs. I abstain from heavy drinking.
Chapter 2: I declare that I teach the truth, so that it can’t be criticized.
I declare that I live with wisdom, righteousness, and devotion to God. Because of Jesus I am free from every kind of sin. He cleanses me, to make me His very own, totally committed to doing good deeds.
Chapter 3: I declare that because Jesus loves me so much he saved me. He washed away my sins, and gave me a new life through the Holy Spirit. Because of His grace He has declared me righteous, and gave me confidence that I will inherit eternal life.
I declare that I trust in God and I am devoted to doing good, and meeting the urgent needs of others.

I declare that I have a love for all God’s people. My kindness refreshes the hearts of God’s people.


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