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Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs. Ps 100:2


And each morning and evening they stood before the Lord

to sing songs of thanks and praise to him.1 Chron 23:30


I’m gonna sing, I’m gonna dance,

I’m gonna worship Jesus 3x

I’m gonna worship Jesus, every single day


Jesus, Jesus, I love to praise Your name 3x 

I love to praise Your name every day


Jesus, Jesus, You alone are worthy 3x 

You alone, are worthy to be praised


Thank you, thank you Jesus 3x 

Thank you, for loving me


Gonna worship with my spirit

Gonna worship with my soul

Gonna worship with my body,

and my entire being

Worship is my warfare, every day 3x

So I worship Jesus all day long

Father, through the blood of Jesus, I worship you 3x 

I worship You, I worship You


I wanna be immersed, immersed in your presence 3x

I wanna be immersed everyday


Love, peace, joy


Fire of God, fall upon me now 3x

Fall, upon me today


I’m going deeper, deeper still 3x

Deeper into the heart of God


Holy Spirit come and consume me 3x

I just want to be in Your presence


(Yahweh) I wanna be wrecked, wrecked for you 3x

I wanna be, totally, undone


I wanna drink, without measure 3x

The wine from my Lord


It’s all about You, Jesus 3x

It’s just, all about You


Jesus, Jesus, it’s all about You 3x

It’s always, all about you


I will tarry, as long as takes 3x

To see the heart of God


I’m in love with you Lord, I’m in love with You 3x

And my desire, is to love you more


Jesus I am hungry for you, Jesus I am thirsty for you,

Jesus I am desperate for you, Come and give me more


Holy Spirit I love you 3x

I love, loving You


Yahweh Yahweh I love you 3x

I love, loving you


Jesus Jesus I love you 3x

I love, loving you


I worship Yahweh, just because,

I worship Jesus because,

I worship Holy Spirit just because,

just because I can


My eyes stay fixed on Jesus 3x

 And I, will not be moved


Come Holy Spirit, come fall on me 3x

So I can bask in your presence


Yahweh, Yeshua, Holy Spirit too 3x

I’m so completely, devoted to You


(Yahweh) I wanna be wrecked, wrecked for you 3x

I wanna be wrecked today


Yahweh Yahweh I want you 3x

I want more of you


Holy Spirit’s my best friend 3x

And we’re, never apart


Worship is my lifestyle everyday 3x

Everyday, all day long



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