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 When Things Get Tough:

Acknowledge God is still on the throne
Believe God loves you and has a plan
Confess and repent of any sin
Daydream about God’s goodness
Escape and let God love on you
Fill the atmosphere with worship music
Give God permission to use you
Hold tight to God’s truth
Increase time alone with Holy Spirit
Just don’t give up
Keep in mind that this season will pass
Laugh often
Meditate on God’s Word
Notice the beauty around you
Offer praise and worship to God
Proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
Quietly wait before the Lord
Refuse to listen to the enemy’s lies
Surrender everything to God
Trust the Lord with your whole being
Use your time productively
Value who God created you to be
Worship the Lord even when you don’t feel like it
eXpect God to show up
Yield your own agenda to Gods
Zip your mouth when you feel like complaining

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