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Whatever Your Challenge:
Anoint it with the love of God
Break any legal access to your spirit, soul & body
Confess any agreement with it
Declare the enemy’s assignment against you null and void
Enter into God’s presence when tempted
Forgive anyone you hold a grudge against
Grow in your identity as a child of God
Hear what God’s has to say
Increase intimacy with Jesus
Join God in a walk of holiness and righteousness
Kneel at the feet of Jesus and worship Him
Laugh at the enemy’s plan against you
Meditate on God’s goodness
Never forget the power and authority you have

as a child of the King
Obey Holy Sprit’s leading
Praise Jesus in song and dance
Quickly repent of not trusting God in this area
Refuse to give thought to the enemy’s lies
Shield yourself from ungodly counsel
Thank God for every little thing you can think of
Unite with God to conquer this problem
Value your relationship and intimacy with God
Worship, worship, worship
eXamine your heart to make sure it’s pure
Yield to God’s truth
Zip you mouth from speaking negatively 

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