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Acrostic Declarations
How I choose to Live:

Every Day With Jesus, I…


Enjoy the day God has given me

Value others as God does

Expect angels to be with me

Resist temptation by saying “no”

Yield my day to God

Devote time to tell God how much I love Him

Allow Holy Spirit to guide me

Yes, I am loved so very much


Walk hand in hand with Jesus

Intentionally encourage others

Treat others and myself with respect

Help others who are in need


Journal what God is doing in my life

Examine my heart and confess any wrong

Share what I have with those in need

Use my hands to hug, and my mouth to rejoice

Speak life into others

Love One Another, by…


Loving like Jesus

Offering a helping hand

Validating their worth

Encouraging them


Overcome negativity with blessings

Nurturing the Jesus in them

Empower their identity in Christ


Ascending to heaven for guidance

Never taking an offence against them

Operating from my place in heaven

Treating them with respect

Helping them see how precious they are to Jesus

Enjoying being with them

Relinquishing my need to be right

Total Surrender
Trusting God completely with my life
Obeying quickly what tells me to do
Taking my hands off my life, allowing His to remain
Allowing God to correct me when necessary
Living for an audience of one
Sheltered by the God of the universe
Unstoppable with God’s assignments for me
Ready and willing to do what is asked of me
Rejoicing in the midst of turmoil
Existing to bring God glory
Needing Jesus more than life itself
Daring to live outside the box
Empowered to do what looks impossible
Reverence for God and His agenda

Living for God

God has blessed me to…


Live a righteous life through Jesus

Influence others in a positive way

Visibly show love for others

Include those who feel left out

Nurture my relationship with Father, Son, & Holy Spirit

Get my priorities straight


Forgive and pray for those who hurt me

Offer to help without being asked

Rise in the morning with a happy attitude


Gain knowledge to change the world

Operate from my place in heaven

Defeat bad with good

Born to be a Winner, by…


Being who God created me to be

Overcoming obstacles

Repenting when necessary

Nourishment from the heart of God


Trusting completely in the goodness of God

Obeying God’s voice

Brilliant thinking

Embracing God’s purpose for me

Advancing the kingdom

Waiting quietly before the Lord

Integrity and honesty

Never giving up on what God says

Noticing the Jesus in others

Entering into God’s presence

Releasing God’s glory everywhere I go

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