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Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm,

for God can be trusted to keep his promise. Heb 10:23






The strength of my body is the strength of my spirit 3x

hallelujah thank you Lord


I have energy and I have strength to do what I’m called to do,

walking out my purpose everyday, with a healthy body too


Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done 3x

On earth as it is in heaven


God you are gracious and full of mercy 3x

So I, can count on you


My God shall supply, all my needs 3x

According to His riches


I can do all, things through Christ 3x

Cause He, strengthens me


I am strong and courageous 3x

Because God, goes with me


Nothing can separate me 3x

From the love of God


When I, confess sins, God cleanses me 3x

He cleanses me from, all, unrighteousness


All things work together for good 3x

According, to God’s, purpose


I’m being blessed in the heavenly realms 3x

With every spiritual blessing


It’s by grace that I’ve been saved 3x

Hallelujah, thank you Lord

Promises Of God
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