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Below is a sample of a "Crafted Declaration". It is my own personal declaration that I say everyday. It's not the one I've always had, I change it whenever the Spirit leads me too.


Spiritual – I declare that all of my spiritual senses are activated. I live from heaven. I do what my Father does, I say what my Father says, and I see what the Father sees.


Intimacy – I declare that God and I meet daily just to love on each other.


Identity – I declare that I am God’s beloved. Every decision I make is based on who God says I am.


Purpose - God has equipped me with everything I need to fulfill His purpose for my life. I give Him permission to do whatever is necessary for me to accomplish this.


Personal – I declare that I sleep through the night without waking up. I have God dreams, visions, and throne room encounters while I sleep. I remember my dreams and what God is telling me through them.


Family – I declare that my family and I live to bring God glory. We are totally surrendered to Him. We live in the fullness of God’s goodness.


Physical – I declare that nothing can invade my spirit, soul or body that is not part of God’s goodness. His divine health, energy, and DNA invade every part of my body.


Health – I declare that I eat and enjoy foods that bring life to my body. I am lean, strong and have the stamina to carry out God’s purpose for my life.

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