Declarations from Hebrews

Chapter 1: I declare that God has sent angels to care for and minister to me.
Chapter 2: I declare that I listen carefully to the truth I have heard, I will not drift away from it.
I declare that through Jesus Christ I have been crowned with glory and honor. I have authority over all things. Because Jesus Christ has gone through suffering and testing, He is able to help me when I am being tested.
Chapter 3: I declare that when I hear God’s voice, my heart will not turn away. I will not test God. I will be faithful always, trusting God just as firmly as when I first believed. I share in all that belongs to Christ.
Chapter 4: I declare that I listen to God, I believe Him, and I enter into His special rest. I hold firmly to what I believe.
I declare that I come boldly to the throne of my gracious God. There I find mercy, and grace to help me when I need it the most.
Chapter 5: I declare that just like Jesus, I learn obedience form the things I suffer in.
Chapter 6: I declare that I am mature in my understanding of Jesus Christ. I will continue to love others as long as I live. I will inherit God’s promises because of my faith and endurance.
Chapter 7: I declare that Jesus saved me. He lives forever to intercede with God on my behalf.
Chapter 8:  I declare that God puts His laws in my mind, He writes them on my heart.
Chapter 9: I declare that Jesus Christ purifies my conscience from sinful deeds, to that I can worship the living God.
Chapter 10:  I declare that I am made holy by the sacrifice of Jesus. I boldly enter heaven’s Most Holy Place because of the blood of Jesus. I go right into the presence of God with a sincere heart, fully trusting Him. My guilt has been sprinkled with the blood of Jesus to make me clean. My body has been washed with pure water.
I declare that I think of ways to motivate other believers to do acts of love and good works. We meet together regularly, encouraging each other.
I declare that I remain faithful to Jesus Christ no mater what happens to me, or what my circumstances look like.
Chapter 11: I declare that I live by faith in Jesus Christ. I am confident that what I hope for will actually happen, even when I can’t see it. I please God with my faith.
I declare that God rewards me because I sincerely seek Him.
Chapter 12: I declare that I strip off every weight that slows me down, especially the sin that so easily trips me up. I run with endurance the race God has set before me.  I do this by keeping my eyes on Jesus.
I declare that I welcome the Lord’s discipline. I will not give up when He corrects me. He does this because He loves me and I am His child. God’s discipline is always good for me, so that I can share in His holiness.
I declare that I live at peace with everyone; I work at living a holy life. Bitterness is not a part of my life
I declare that I come to the living God, where thousands of angels gather joyfully.  I listen carefully to everything He says. I worship Him with holy fear and awe.
Chapter 13: I declare that I love others. I show hospitality to strangers. I remember those in prison and those who have been mistreated.
I declare that I don’t love money; I am satisfied with what I have. I know that God will never fail me, or abandon me. He is my helper and I have no fear of what people might do to me. My strength comes from God’s grace.
I declare that I continually offer sacrifices of praise to God. I also do good to others and share with those in need, because these are the sacrifices that really please God.
I declare that God equips me with all I need for doing His will. It is my desire that through the power of Jesus Christ God will produce in me every good thing that is pleasing to Him.