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For Your Spirit Soul & Body


I encourage you to read “Acrostic Blessings” slowly. 

Meditate on each line, savoring the meaning of it. 

Allow it to go from your mind, into your heart.


My prayer is that as you read these blessings, 

Holy Spirit will sear the truth into your spirit, soul, and body.



Blessing Myself


Because I seek the Lord, my needs are met

Living from heaven, I make wise choices

Endless opportunities come my way

Standing in the glory of God, I receive

Saturated in righteousness, peace & joy

Increased awareness of God’s love for me

Nourished by God’s DNA running through me

Greeted every morning with a kiss from God


Magnified dreams and visions come to me

Yoked with Jesus, my burdens are light

Strength and stamina to do all God calls me too

Empowered to do the impossible

Learning to love like Jesus

Forgiveness flows everywhere I go



Born to be a Winner, by…


Being who God created me to be

Overcoming obstacles

Repenting when necessary

Nourishment from the heart of God


Trusting completely in the goodness of God

Obeying God’s voice


Brilliant thinking

Embracing God’s purpose for me


Advancing the kingdom


Waiting quietly before the Lord

Integrity and honesty

Never giving up on what God says

Noticing the Jesus in others

Entering into God’s presence

Releasing God’s glory everywhere I go



Bride of Christ

As the Bride of Christ…


I amBeautifully adorned for my Beloved

I amRejoicing in who I am

My Identity is in Him

I am Devoted to my Lord Jesus

I am Extravagantly loved


The Oil of joy flows from my head to me feet

I am Forever changed into His likeness


I am Covered in glory

I am Highly favored

I am Rich in blessings

I am Intentional in my choices

I am Set-apart to bring God glory

I am Thriving in unconditional love



Childlike Faith

I Believe that I am …


Created in the image of God

Hearing God speak to me

Instructed by God on which way to go

Loveable and worthwhile

Destined to bring God glory

Light to those around me

Inheriting all God has for me

Kingdom minded

Experiencing the supernatural


Favored by God

Allowing God’s love to flow through me

Inspiration to my friends and family

Thankful for God’s goodness

Healthy and happy



Divine Health, I am…


Drenched in God’s glory

Invaded, spirit, soul and body with God’s DNA

Verbally praising God for His goodness

Increasing my time in the presence of God

Nourished and cleansed by the blood of Jesus

Empowered to walk in divine health


Hearing God as He instructs and guides me

Embracing God’s love for me and others

Agreeing with the Lord’s Prayer “

on earth, as it is in heaven”

Learning and making changes to improve 

my health

Totally surrendered to the leading 

of Holy Spirit

Holy and acceptable to God; 

this is how I worship



Everyday With Jesus, I…


Enjoy the day God has given me

Value others as God does

Expect angels to be with me

Resist temptation by saying “no”

Yield my day to God

Devote time to tell God how much I love Him

Allow Holy Spirit to guide me

Yell to myself “Jesus loves me”


Walk hand in hand with Jesus

Intentionally encourage others

Treat others and myself with respect

Help others who are in need


Journal what God is doing in my life

Examine my heart and confess any wrong

Share what I have with those in need

Use my hands to hug, and my mouth to rejoice

Speak life into others



Experience God’s Love


Embracing pure unconditional love

eXraordinary closeness

Passion for more

Ecstasy running through my body

Receiving all He has for me

Intimacy like never before

Encouragement from the heart of God

Nourishment for my spirit, soul & body

Ceasing to strive or worry

Enclosed in peace


Gratifying the desires of my spirit and soul

Oil of joy all over me

Drenched in Divine Glory

Satisfaction guaranteed


Learning to let go, and let God

Open heaven, inviting me in

Vulnerabilities accepted

Entering into your Creator’s heart



Forgiving Others


Frees me to be all God created me to be

Opens the pathway to receive healing

Releases me from heavy burdens

Generates from my pure heart

Includes forgiving myself

Vexes the enemy and pleases the Lord

Improves my intimacy with God

Needs to be a part of my everyday life

Gives God’s love room to flow from me


Offers a sweet aroma up to heaven

Treats them just like Jesus would

Heals my spirit, soul and body

Enables me to love like Jesus

Reveals the Jesus in me

Saturates me in God’s love and favor



Growing in Wisdom

As I grow in wisdom…


Grace covers me

Righteousness surrounds me

Open heavens follow me

Worship strengthens me

Identity in Jesus grows in me

Nourishment from Jesus feeds me

God’s glory flows from me


Intimacy with Jesus consumes me

Nice words are released from my pure heart


Worship strengthens me and keeps me safe

Integrity walks with me

Self-control guards me

Discernment guides me

Opportunities for success await me

Mercy matures me



Healthy and Happy

I Know that I am…


Heaven sent

Extravagantly loved

Approved of by God

Thankful for who I am and what I have  

Honest in everything I do

Yoked with Jesus so He can help me


Ambitious to learn more

Nourished spirit, soul and body by 

God’s goodness

Developing healthy eating habits


Hearing when God speaks to me

Abiding in God, as His Word abides in me

Praising God every day

Passionate about all God has for me

Yielded to God’s leading



Holy Spirit Fire

I am full of…


Hunger for more

Overflowing presence

Love for others

Yieldedness to God


Supernatural experiences

Praise and worship to Jesus

Identity as God’s chosen one

Righteousness, peace and joy

Incredible insight into the spirit realm

Throne Room encounters


Forgiveness for others & myself

Inheritance as a son or daughter of the King

Revelations from God

Extreme favor



How God Wants Me To Love Him































I Love You Jesus,by…


Intentionally telling You so everyday


Living for an audience of one

Obeying Your voice and Your Word

Viewing others as You do

Exterminating any sin in my life


Yielding to the desires of Your heart

Offering myself totally to You

Unconditionally loving others


Jealously guarding our quality time together

Entering in to the secret place with You

Seeking You first, and often

Using the gifts You’ve given me, to bring You glory

Sitting close enough to You to hear Your heartbeat



Jesus Loves You, my…


Joy lights up a room

Encouraging words changes lives

Surrendered heart to God sets me apart

Unshakable faith guides my every decision

Supernatural lifestyle in natural


Love for others is contagious

Obedience to the Word of God is evident

Value is based on who God says I am

Eyes see Jesus and my ears hear Him

Speech is truthful and loving


Yearning for God grows deeper every day

Overwhelming love for Jesus thrills God’s heart

Unoffendable heart brings peace and health to my body



Kingdom Glory

I live in Kingdom Glory by….


Keeping myself pure and holy

Immersing myself in God’s love, then giving it away

Noticing where God is, and joining Him

Giving generously as Holy Spirit leads

Doing what my Father does, and saying what my Father says

Operating from heaven, where I’m seated next to Jesus

Manifesting God’s goodness with signs and wonders


Growing intimately closer to Jesus everyday

Living in righteousness, peace and joy

Occupying the land God gives me

Releasing every worry, stress and concern to God

Yearning for the desire of God’s heart more than mine


Living for God

God has blessed me to…


Live a righteous life through Jesus

Influence others in a positive way

Visibly show love for others

Include those who feel left out

Nurture my relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Get my priorities straight 


Forgive and pray for those who hurt me

Offer to help without being asked

Rise in the morning with a happy attitude


Gain knowledge to change the world

Operate from my place in heaven

Defeat bad with good


Living From Heaven, I have…


Limitless opportunities come my way

Increasing dreams and visions

Victory over the enemy’s schemes 

Identity based on who God says I am

New adventures everyday

God on my side


Freedom and favor

Reason to rejoice

Overwhelming love for others

Manifestations of God’s glory


Healing hands

Endurance to run my race

Authority over the enemy

Visitations from the spirit realm

Economic breakthroughs

New journeys with Jesus



Love One Another, by…


Loving like Jesus

Offering a helping hand

Validating their worth

Encouraging them


Overcome negativity with blessings

Nurturing the Jesus in them

Empower their identity in Christ


Ascending to heaven for guidance

Never taking an offense against them

Operating from my place in heaven

Treating them with respect

Helping them see how precious they are to Jesus

Enjoying being with them

Relinquishing my need to be right



Mind of Christ


Melding my heart with Jesus’ 

Immersed in God’s love

Nurturing my spirit, soul & body in God’s love

Desire the desires of His heart


Offer myself as a living sacrifice

Forgive any offenses


Choose righteousness, peace and joy

Hunger to know God’s Word

Receive downloads from God

Intensely pursue intimacy with Jesus

Soak in His presence

Tether my heart with Jesus’



Power and Authority


Partnered with Jesus, I advance the Kingdom

Opposition is met with praise and worship

Wearing my armor of God, I advance

Enveloped in God’s love, all fear vanishes

Resting in God’s presence strengthens me


Appointed and approved by God in how I live

New adventures with God await me daily

Decreeing God’s Word brings victory


Angelic activity surrounds me

Unshakable by the enemy’s schemes

Tethered to God’s heart, He guides me

Heaven invades my sphere of influence

Offenses have no place in my life

Righteousness, peace and joy invade me

Intimacy with Jesus is my life support

Treasured by God, my identity stands firm

Youthful energy invades my spirit, soul & body



Princess Warrior


Pronounced worthy by God Almighty

Ready and willing to serve my God

Instructed by God how to fight and succeed

Nobility runs in my family

Confident and courageous in my quest for victory

Empowered and anointed to win

Secure in my identity as a child of the King

Supernatural is a normal part of my life


Worship is my weapon of choice

Angelic activity surrounds me

Righteousness adorns my body

Rejoicing and praise is always on my lips

Immersed in God’s glory, I advance

Overwhelming trust in my Lord and Savior

Relentless in my assigned pursuit



Release Control

As I release control, I…


Remove my hands from the steering wheel

Enter into that place of peace

Let God be God

Experience the desires of the Father’s heart

Allow for detours into the unknown

Seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness

Extend my open hands to the Lord


Cease striving

Only do what God is doing; only go where He’s going

Nourish my intimacy with Jesus

Trust God to know what’s best for me

Rejoice often for releasing control

Operate from heaven, seated next to Jesus

Lean not on my own understanding, and proceed



Righteousness, Peace & Joy


Repenting of any sin quickly

Increased intimacy with Jesus

Grasping how completely God loves me

Hearing God’s voice above all others

Trusting God’s truth as the ultimate authority

Enjoying the journey God has me on

Obeying God’s Word and His voice

United with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Staying surrendered on a daily basis

Neglecting what has already been paid for

Expecting God’s goodness to follow me

Seated next to Jesus in heaven 24/7

Seeking first the Kingdom of God


Passionately seeking God’s presence

Examining my motives for purity

Accepting God’s agenda over mine

Ceasing to strive

Entering into God’s rest daily


Joyfully living each day

Overflowing in God’s love

Yearning to live and love like Jesus



Set Apart for God, God is…


Shaping me for His glory

Equipping me with gifts for the kingdom

Teaching me to follow Him


Aligning my heart with His

Preparing me for His purpose

Asking that I trust Him in everything

Redeeming me for Himself

Trusting me with what He gives me


Faithfully growing me

Organizing plans just for me

Rejoicing over my love for Him


Guiding my steps in life

Optimistic about my future

Drenching me with His goodness



Sweet Dreams

As I lay down may God bless me with…


Security in the arms of God Almighty

Words of wisdom being imparted as I sleep

Eyes to see Jesus as I fall asleep

Ears to hear Jesus as He whispers to me

Thoughts of God’s goodness throughout the night


Divine appointments in heaven

Revelations revealed just for me

Effortlessly falling and staying asleep until morning

Absolute peace and rest

Memories of Godly dreams in the morning

Saying, “I love you Jesus” in my sleep



Total Surrender


Trusting God completely with my life

Obeying quickly what He tells me to do

Taking my hands off my life, allowing His to remain

Allowing God to correct me when necessary

Living for an audience of one


Sheltered by the God of the universe

Unstoppable with God’s assignments for me

Ready and willing to do what is asked of me

Rejoicing in the midst of turmoil

Existing to bring God glory

Needing Jesus more than life itself

Daring to live outside the box

Empowered to do what looks impossible

Reverence for God and His agenda

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