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BLESSINGS For Children



Born to be a Winner

You were Born to be a Winner, by…


Being who God created you to be

Overcoming obstacles

Repenting when necessary

Nourishment from the heart of God


Trusting completely in the goodness of God

Obeying God’s voice


Brilliant thinking

Embracing God’s purpose for you


Advancing the kingdom


Waiting quietly before the Lord

Integrity and honesty

Never giving up on what God says

Noticing the Jesus in others

Entering into God’s presence

Releasing God’s glory everywhere you go




Childlike Faith

Believe that you are …


Created in the image of God

Hearing God speak to you

Instructed by God on which way to go

Loveable and worthwhile

Destined to bring God glory

Light to those around you

Inheriting all God has for you

Kingdom minded

Experiencing the supernatural


Favored by God

Allowing God’s love to flow through you

Inspiration to your friends and family

Thankful for God’s goodness

Healthy and happy



Everyday With Jesus,

 I bless you to…


Enjoy the day God has given you

Value others as God does

Expect angels to be with you

Resist temptation by saying “no”

Yield your day to God

Devote time to tell God how much you love Him

Allow Holy Spirit to guide you

Yell in a whisper, “Jesus, I love You”


Walk hand in hand with Jesus

Intentionally encourage others

Treat yourself and others with respect

Help others who are in need


Journal what God is doing in your life

Examine your heart and confess any wrong

Share what you have with those in need

Use your hands to hug, and your mouth to rejoice

Speak life into others


Forgiving Others


Frees you to be all God created you to be

Opens the pathway to receive healing

Releases you from heavy burdens

Generates from your pure heart

Includes forgiving yourself

Vexes the enemy and pleases the Lord

Improves your intimacy with God

Needs to be a part of your everyday life

Gives God’s love room to flow from you


Offers a sweet aroma up to heaven

Treats them just like Jesus would

Heals your spirit, soul and body

Enables you to love like Jesus

Reveals the Jesus in you

Saturates you in God’s love and favor



God’s Favorite


He loves your Generosity

He loves your Optimism

He loves that you are a Doer of the Word

He loves that you are a Servant to others


He loves that you are His Friend

He loves that you are an Ambassador for Jesus

He loves that you are a Valiant worshiper

He loves that you are an Overcomer

He loves that you Rejoice in all things

He loves that you are His Inheritance

He loves that you are His Treasure

He loves that you bring Him Enjoyment



Growing in Wisdom

As you grow in wisdom…


Grace covers you

Righteousness surrounds you

Open heavens follow you

Worship strengthens you

Identity in Jesus grows in you

Nourishment from Jesus feeds you

God’s glory flows from you


Intimacy with Jesus consumes you

Nice words are released from your pure heart


Waiting on God will transform you

Integrity walks with you

Self-control guards you

Discernment guides you

Opportunities for success await you

Mercy matures you



Healthy and Happy

Know that you are…


Heaven sent

Extravagantly loved

Approved of by God

Loving others as Jesus does

Thankful for who you are and what you have

Honest in everything you do

Yoked with Jesus so He can help you


Ambitious to learn more

Nourished spirit, soul and body by God’s goodness

Developing healthy eating habits


Hearing when Holy Spirit speaks to you

Abiding in God, as His Word abides in you

Praising Jesus every day

Passionate about all God has for you

Yielded to God’s leading



Holy Spirit Fire

You are full of…


Hunger for more

Overflowing presence

Love for others

Yielding to God


Supernatural experiences

Praise and worship to Jesus

Identity as God’s chosen one

Righteousness, peace and joy

Incredible insight into the spirit realm

Throne Room encounters


Forgiveness to others

Inheritance as a son or daughter of the King

Revelations from God

Extreme favor



Jesus Loves You 

He loves that your….


Joy lights up a room

Encouraging words change lives

Surrendered heart to God sets you apart

Unshakable faith guides your every decision

Supernatural lifestyle is natural


Love for others in contagious

Obedience to the Word of God is evident

Value is based on who God says you are

Eyes see Jesus and your ears hear Him

Speech is truthful and loving


Yearning for God grows deeper every day

Overwhelming love for Jesus thrills God’s heart

Unoffendable heart brings peace and health to your body



Kingdom Kid

As a Kingdom Kid, you…


Know the will of God and do it

Influence others to follow Jesus

Notice God’s beauty all around you

Give generously to others

Delight yourself in the things of God

Obey the voice of the Lord

Move in miracles, signs and wonders


Know God, Jesus, & Holy Spirit intimately

Increase in Godly wisdom

Dare to be different for Jesus



Living for God

God has blessed you to…


Live a righteous life through Jesus

Influence others in a positive way

Visibly show love for others

Include those who feel left out

Nurture your relationship with Him

Get your chores done on time


Forgive and pray for those who hurt you

Offer to help without being asked

Rise in the morning with a happy attitude


Gain knowledge to change the world

Operate from your place in heaven

Defeat bad with good



Make Wise Choices, by…


Manifesting God’s love towards others

Always telling the truth

Knowing what God wants you to do and doing it

Expecting God to intervene when necessary


Waking up and worshiping Jesus everyday

Increasing in wisdom and knowledge

Surrendering totally to God

Examining your heart and keeping it pure


Coming to Jesus first with concerns

Humbling yourself before others

Only doing what you know is right

Interceding in prayer for yourself and others

Choosing to do right even when you don’t want to

Extending a helping hand around the house

Seeking God with all your heart, soul, mind & strength



Set Apart for God


God is Shaping you for His glory

God is Equipping you with gifts for the kingdom

God is Teaching you to follow Him


God is Aligning your heart with His

God is Preparing you for His purpose

God is Asking that you trust Him in everything

God is Redeeming you for Himself

God is Trusting you with what He gives you


God is Faithfully growing you

God is Organizing plans just for you

God is Rejoicing over your love for Him


God is Guiding your steps in life

God is Optimistic about your future

God is Drenching you with His goodness



Sweet Dreams

As you lay down may God bless you with…


Security in the arms of God Almighty

Words of wisdom being imparted as you sleep

Eyes to see Jesus as you fall asleep

Ears to hear Jesus as He whispers to you

Thoughts of God’s goodness throughout the night


Divine appointments in heaven

Revelations revealed just for you

Effortlessly falling and staying asleep until morning

Absolute peace and rest

Memories of Godly dreams in the morning

Saying, “I love you Jesus” in your dreams

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