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Acrostic Declarations
Benefits of being a child of God:

Growing in Wisdom

As I grow in wisdom…


Grace covers me

Righteousness surrounds me

Open heavens follow me

Worship strengthens me

Identity in Jesus grows in me

Nourishment from Jesus feeds me

God’s glory flows from me


Intimacy with Jesus consumes me

Nice words are released from my pure heart


Worship strengthens me and keeps me safe

Integrity walks with me

Self-control guards me

Discernment guides me

Opportunities for success await me

Mercy matures me

Living From Heaven, I have…


Limitless opportunities come my way

Increasing dreams and visions

Victory over the enemy’s schemes

Identity based on who God says I am

New adventures everyday

God on my side


Freedom and favor

Reason to rejoice

Overwhelming love for others

Manifestations of God’s glory


Healing hands

Endurance to run my race

Authority over the enemy

Visitations from the spirit realm

Economic breakthroughs

New journeys with Jesus

Childlike Faith

I Believe that I am …


Created in the image of God

Hearing God speak to me

Instructed by God on which way to go

Loveable and worthwhile

Destined to bring God glory

Light to those around me

Inheriting all God has for me

Kingdom minded

Experiencing the supernatural


Favored by God

Allowing God’s love to flow through me

Inspiration to my friends and family

Thankful for God’s goodness

Healthy and happy

Divine Health, I am…


Drenched in God’s glory

Invaded, spirit, soul and body with God’s DNA

Verbally praising God for His goodness

Increasing my time in the presence of God

Nourished and cleansed by the blood of Jesus

Empowered to walk in divine health


Hearing God as He instructs and guides me

Embracing God’s love for me and others

Agreeing with the Lord’s Prayer “on earth, as it is in heaven”

Learning and making changes to improve my health

Totally surrendered to the leading of Holy Spirit

Holy and acceptable to God; this is how I worship

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