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Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior is just the beginning. Walking in our true identity as God's children takes effort. I pray that as you search to know your Savior  more intimately, you will grow into your identity as a beloved son or daughter of King Jesus. Every child, adult, nation, and people group deserves to know how much they are loved by their Heavenly Father. And they deserve to walk in the power and anointing that comes as being a part of God's family.



When we decree Biblical truths, we are destroying the lies of the enemy. We are are renewing our mind, which we are called to do in Romans 12:2


When we decree Biblical truths, we stop asking for something that has already been given to us, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

When we decree Biblical truths out loud, they go into the universe and start fulfilling their destiny. 

I encourage you to decree and declare these Biblical truths over yourself and your loved ones, on a regular basis.



Decreeing who God is, is getting to know His character. There are many facets of who God is, and since our identity is based on who He says we are, we need to understand and know who He is, and not just about Him.

I encourage you to savor and meditate on each word or phrase. Allow it to go from your  head to your heart.  

You are God's treasure. As you continue to grow in your identity, that treasure grows and intensifies in color and brilliance. It grows from within you and starts to shine all around and through you.

God Is Enough For Me


His Availability 

His Breath 

His Comfort 

His Divinity 

His Encouragement 

His Friendship 

His Glory 

His Healing 

His Intimacy 

His Joy 

His Kingdom 

His Love 

His Mercy 

His Nearness 

His Oneness 

His Presence 

His Quest 

His Restoration 

His Strength 

His Truth 

His Unity 

His Value 

His Wisdom 

His eXample 

His Yearning 

His Zealousness

God Is Full Of…


























Yes & Amen


God Will Never…


Abandon me

Betray me

Criticize me

Desert me

Endanger me

Forget about me

Give up on me

Hurt me

Ignore me

Judge me unfairly

Kick me away

Leave me

Mock me

Nullify me

Oust me

Punish me 
Quit on me
Retaliate against me

Stand me up
Talk bad about me
Use me for wrong
Violate me
Wrong me
eXpect more of me that I can give
Yell at me for no reason
Zap my spirit of love

Holy Spirit, Pour Your …....  Over Me



























How God Loves Me…




























Who Does God Want 

To Be For Me


My Advocate

My Breakthrough

My Confidant

My Deliverer

My Eternity

My First Love

My Glory

My Holiness

My Increase 

My Justice 

My Kindness

My Light

My Mercy

My Nourishment

My Optimism 

My Power

My Qualification 

My Rest

My Shelter

My Truth

My Unction

My Vision 

My Wisdom

My eXtreme

My Yes & Amen

My Zeal

Jesus, You Are My…












Kinsman Redeemer














Yes & Amen


Decreeing Who I Am In Christ

To reacher full potential in life we must know our identity in Christ. In the natural these decrees may not make much sense, they may seem like lies, but that are not.

We need to see ourselves and others throughout God's eyes. He sees us as His sons and daughters. He sees us made in His image. He sees us living in righteousness, cleansed by the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.

As a Child of God…


I am Alive

I am Blessed

I am Comforted

I am Dangerous

I am Equipped 

I am Favored

I am Good

I am Holy

I am Inspired

I am Joyful

I am Knowing

I am Love

I am Me

I am New

I am Optimistic 

I am Passionate

I am Quiet

I am Righteous

I am Smart

I am Trusted

I am Undone

I am Viable

I am Worthy

I am eXpectant

I am Yielding

I am Zealous

God Says…



I am Approved 

I am Beautiful

I am Cared for

I am Delightful

I am Enough

I am Free

I am Gifted

I am His

I am Included

I am Justified

I am Kingdom-minded

I am Light

I am Made in His image

I am Needed

I am One with Him

I am Precious

I am Quaint

I am Redeemed

I am Set apart

I am Treasured

I am Unique

I am Valued

I am Worthwhile 

I am eXtraordinary

I am Yoked with Him

I am Zany

What God Has Just For Me

He has Assignments

He has Breakthroughs

He has Commissioning

He has Destiny

He has Encounters

He has Finances 

He has Glory

He has Hunger

He has Inheritance

He has Journeys

He has Kingdom

He has Launchings

He has Missions

He has Navigations 

He has Opportunities 

He has Purpose

He has Quickening 

He has Revelations

He has Sustenance 

He has Transformation

He has Unction 

He has Victory

He has Wonder

He has eXperiences

He has Youthfulness 

He has Zip in my step

Decreeing How I Choose to Live My Life


"Change is inevitable, transformation is intentional ", Graham Cooke. Knowledge of who God is, and who I am in Him is just the start. The more I make decrees on how I choose to live my life, the more they will become a part of who I am.

When I stand in front of God one day, I want Him to say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant".


I choose to live my life bringing glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Blessings For Those I Need Help 

Loving, or Liking   



Lord, bless _______ (name)  with an Atmosphere of Your glory.

Lord, bless _______ with Being all You created her/him to be.

Lord, bless _______ with Cultivating intimacy with You.

Lord, bless _______ with Discovering her/his true identity in You.

Lord, bless _______ with Embracing Your truth.

Lord, bless _______ with Freedom from ungodly influences.

Lord, bless _______ with Grasping how much You love her/him.

Lord, bless _______ to Hear Your voice when You speak to her/him.

Lord, bless _______ with Increased desire for more of You.

Lord, bless _______ with Joy in her/his journey with You.

Lord, bless _______ with Knowing You on a deeper level.

Lord, bless _______ with Learning & applying Your Word to her/his life.

Lord, bless _______ with Manifestations of Your presence.

Lord, bless _______ with Nourishment for her/his spirit, soul, & body.

Lord, bless _______ with an Overwhelming desire to love like You.

Lord, bless _______ with Passion to praise You.

Lord, bless _______ with Quietly resting in Your arms.

Lord, bless _______ with Righteousness, peace and joy.

Lord, bless _______ with a Sense of sonship in You.

Lord, bless _______ with Throne room encounters.

Lord, bless _______ with an Unoffendable heart.

Lord, bless _______ with Visitations from You.

Lord, bless _______ with Wisdom from You.

Lord, bless _______ with eXamples of Your love for her/him.

Lord, bless _______ with a Yielded heart towards You.

Lord, bless _______ with Zeal for more of You.

God Help Me 

      I Need…. Therefore I Dance … 



I need Answers  - Therefore I dance over the unknown.

I need to Belong - Therefore I dance over loneliness.

I need Clarity  - Therefore I dance over confusion.  

I need Direction  - Therefore I dance over concern.

I need an Encounter  - Therefore I dance over delay.

I need Freedom - Therefore I dance over captivity.

I need Grace - Therefore I dance over trials. 

I need Hope - Therefore I dance over disappointment. 

I need Inspiration - Therefore I dance over discouragement.

I need Justice - Therefore I dance over injustice.

I need I need Knowledge - Therefore I dance over ignorance .

I need Love -Therefore I dance over neglect.

I need More - Therefore I dance over less.

I need Nearness - Therefore I dance over distance.

I need Order - Therefore I dance over disorder.

I need Peace - Therefore I dance over anxiety.

I need Quietness - Therefore I dance over disturbances.

I need Rest - Therefore I dance over chaos. 

I need Stamina - Therefore I dance over weakness.

I need Truth - Therefore I dance over dishonesty.

I need Understanding - Therefore I dance over confusion.

I need Victory - Therefore I dance over failure.

I need Wisdom - Therefore I dance over ignorance. 

I need eXplanations - Therefore I dance over silence.

I need You God - Therefore I dance over the enemy.

I need Zip - Therefore I dance over lethargy.

Benefits Of Walking

In My Identity

I am Anointed 

I am Beloved 

I am Childlike 

I Defeat the enemy

I am Empowered

I am Free from condemnation 

I am Guiltless

I am Happy

I am Intentional 

I am Joyful

I am Knowledgeable

 I am Light

I am Motivated

I am Nourished

I am Optimistic 

I am Powerful

I am Qualified

I am Ready

I am Strong 

I am Transformed 

I am Unoffended

I am Victorious

I am Whole

I am an eXample

I am Youthful

I am Zealous

God, I Give You

Permission To…

Adjust my thinking

Baptize me

Correct me

Develop me

Examine me

Form me

Groom me 

Humble me

Involve me

Judge me

Kiss me

Love through me

Move me

Never give up on me

Occupy me

Purify my heart

Qualify me

Refurbish me

Send me

Trust me

Use me

Visit me

Wash me

eXamine me

Yank me

Zap me


 I Choose To Live In…





Divine health

Eternal bliss






















I Refuse Not To Move Forward


I Advance the Kingdom

I Bring heaven to earth

I Carry God’s love

I Dream bigger

I Equip myself as God leads

I Fight for my freedom

I Give freely

I Hear God’s voice

I Invoke God’s promises

I Judiciously pursue more of God

I Keep on keeping on

I Laugh at the enemy

I Manifest God’s goodness

I Nurture my intimacy with God

I Occupy the land God’s given me

I Proclaim God’s plans

I Quest for more of God’s glory

I Rejoice always

I Strengthen myself in God’s love

I Transform my thinking to align with Gods

I Usher in God’s presence

I Vindicate others 

I Wildly worship everyday

I eXalt my Lord and Savior

I Yoke myself with God

I Zestfully show love to others

I Want To Be Like Jesus, 

My Lord


I want to be Aware like you Lord

I want to Believe like you Lord

I want to Care like you Lord

I want to Dance like you Lord

I want to Encourage like you Lord

I want to Forgive like you Lord

I want to Give like you Lord

I want to Heal like you Lord

I want to Imitate you Lord

I want to be Just like you Lord

I want to be Kind like you Lord

I want to Love like you Lord

I want to Mediate like you Lord

I want to Nourish like you Lord

I want to Obey like you Lord

I want to Pray like you Lord

I want to Quote scripture like you Lord

I want to Rest like you Lord

I want to Sacrifice like you Lord

I want to Think like you Lord

I want to Understand like you Lord

I want to be Virtuous like you Lord

I want to Walk like you Lord

I want to eXalt like you Lord

I want to Yield like you Lord

I want to be Zealous like you Lord

When Things Get Tough, I…


Acknowledge God is still on the throne

Believe God loves me and has a plan

Confess and repent of any sin

Daydream about God’s goodness

Escape and let God love on me

Fill the atmosphere with worship music

Give God permission to use me

Hold tight to God’s truth

Increase time alone with Holy Spirit

Just don’t give up

Keep in mind that this season will pass

Laugh often

Meditate on God’s Word

Notice the beauty around me

Offer praise and worship to God

Proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

Quietly wait before the Lord

Refuse to listen to the enemy’s lies

Surrender everything to God

Trust the Lord with my whole being

Use my time productively

Value who God created me to be

Worship the Lord even when I don’t feel like it

eXpect God to show up

Yield my own agenda to Gods

Zip my mouth when I feel like complaining

 Whatever Your Challenge 

Anoint it with the love of God

Break any legal access to your spirit, soul & body

Confess any agreement with it

Declare the enemy’s assignment, cancelled

Enter into God’s presence when tempted

Forgive anyone you hold a grudge against

Grow in your identity as a child of God

Hear what God has to say

Increase intimacy with Jesus

Join God in a walk of holiness and righteousness

Kneel at the feet of Jesus and worship Him

Laugh at the enemy’s plan against you

Meditate on God’s goodness

Never forget your power as a child of the King

Obey Holy Spirit’s leading

Praise Jesus in song and dance

Quickly repent of not trusting God in this area

Refuse to give thought to the enemy’s lies

Shield yourself from ungodly counsel

Thank God for every little thing you can think of

Unite with God to conquer this problem

Value your relationship and intimacy with God

Worship, worship, worship

eXamine your heart to make sure it’s pure

Yield to God’s truth

Zip your mouth from speaking negatively

My Part – God’s Part


I Abide – He Answers

I Bow – He gives Breakthrough

I Confess - He Consumes me

I Dream big - He Delivers

I Embrace - He Encompasses 

I Forgive - He brings Freedom

I Give - He Guides

I Humble myself - He Honors me

I Imitate Jesus - He Infuses me 

I Journey with Him - He Joins Himself to me

I Kneel - He Knocks out the enemy

I Lean on Him - He Lifts me up

I Meditate - He Molds me

I Never give up - He Nurtures me 

I Obey - He Overwhelms me

I Praise - He Provides

I Quiet myself - He Qualifies me

I Repent - He Restores

I Seek - He Satisfies

I Trust - He Teaches

I Unselfishly give of myself - He Uplifts me

I’m Vulnerable - He Validates me

I Wake up to Him - He Welcomes me

I eXamine my heart - He eXtends His

I Yield - He Yields

I Zero in on His goodness - He Zealously love me

The Jesus In Me


Accepts you just the way you are

Believes you are worthwhile

Chooses to be your friend

Desires to get to know you

Embraces the Jesus in you

Forgives past wrongs

Genuinely cares about you

Helps you grow spiritually

Influences you in a positive way

Journeys with you

Kneels beside you to pray

Laughs with you

Motivates you to be the best possible you

Never takes you for granted

Overcomes offenses 

Partners with you

Qualifies you as important

Rejoices with you

Stands by you

Treats you with respect

Unconditionally loves you

Values you

Walks with you

eXtends a helping hand

Yields the need to be right all the time

Zeros in on what’s important to you


I Surrender 


To You Lord


My Availability 

My Behavior 

My Control 

My Desires 

My Expectations 

My Family 

My Gifts 

My Heart 

My Intentions 

My Judgments 

My Knowledge 

My Love 

My Mind 

My Needs 

My Obedience 

My Pride 

My Quest 

My Relationships 

My Spirit 

My Trusting 

My Understanding 

My Value 

My Will 

My eXcuses 

My Yearnings 

My Zealousnes

In God’s Presence 


I Advance

I Believe

I Come Into Alignment

I Dream

I Encounter Him

I Find Myself

I Give Myself

I Hope

I Imagine Him Holding Me

I Join in His plans

I Kiss Him

I Let Go 

I Merge 

I Need Nothing Else

I Open My Heart

I Praise Him

I Quiet Myself

I Relinquish Everything

I Savor His Glory

I Tell Him I Love Him

I Understand

I Value The Moment

I Worship

I eXtend My Heart

I Yearn For Nothing

I Zzzz

In God’s Rest 


I Allow His thoughts

I Breathe Him in

I Cease striving

I Discipline myself

I Encounter Him

I Faithfully wait

I Give myself

I Honor Him

I Increase my love for Him

I Journey where He takes me

I Know He’s with me

I Learn from Him

I Move into His secret place

I Nourish my spirit, soul and body

I Obey Him

I Please Him

I Quietly wait

I Release my agenda

I Surrender all

I Trust Him completely

I Understand more

I Value who He is

I Worship Him

I eXperience Him

I Yield to Him

I Zzzz in Hi


Is It Ok For God To…?



Anoint me for great things

Bless me beyond measure

Challenge me to do my best

Develop me for His purpose

Elevate me to His liking

Fine-tune me in every area

Guide me along the path of His choosing

Honor me among saints

Invoke me day or night

Judge me according to His standards

Know me intimately

Launch me into the unknown for His sake

Motivate me to be all I was created to be

Need me to fulfill His purpose

Occupy my spirit, soul and body

Pursue me as the love of His life

Qualify me for my destiny

Restore me where necessary

Stretch me in areas of His choosing

Transform me into His likeness

Use me wherever He needs me

Validate me among my peers

Wrap His arms around me and love on me

eXpand my tent pegs

Yoke me with Himself

Zero in on me as His favorite

Jesus, I Say To You 

My Lord And Savior


Anything You ask, I’ll do

Bind my thoughts with Yours

Can’t is not in my vocabulary 

Do You know how much I love you

Enter me and take over

Faithfully I will serve You

Grow me into who You designed me to be

Here I am, send me

In me resides You

Judge me, show me where I need cleansing 

Kill in me what displeases You

Love the unlovable through me

Move mountains through me

Navigate me as You will

Open my heart, and replace it with Yours

Praise will flow from my mouth

Qualify me for You

Renew my mindset 

Superman has nothing over me

Train me for Your use

Unleash your presence

Valiantly I serve You

Where You send me, I will go

eXamine me, and purify my heart

You are all I need

Zip my mouth when necessary

In Jesus Name, 

I Break ALL Agreement


With Anger

With Bitterness 

With Confusion 

With Depression

With Emptiness 

With Fear

With Guilt 

With Hopelessness

With Insecurity

With Jealousy

With Knowledge w/o experience

With Lies

With Malice

With Nothingness 

With Offense

With Poverty

With Quitting

With Recluse 

With Sin

With Temptation

With Underachieving 

With Vanity

With Worry

With eXcuses

With Yuckiness 

With Zero self-esteem


I Surrender 


My Agenda 

My Busyness 

My Control 

My Destiny 

My Efforts 

My Family 

My Goals 

My Heart 

My Intentions 

My Journey 

My Knowledge 

My Love 

My Mind 

My Needs 

My Offenses 

My Pride 

My Quest 

My Resistance 

My Striving 

My Thoughts 

My Understanding 

My Visions 

My Works 

My eXcuses 

My Yoke 

My Zone 

The Warrior In Me Says…


I am Able

I am Brave

I am Confident

I am Determined

I am Empowered

I am Fierce

I am Going  

I am Helping 

I am Intentional

I am Justified 

I am Knowledgeable

I am Lusty 

I am Mighty

I am Necessary 

I am Ordered

I am Prepared

I am Qualified

I am Ready

I am Strong

I am Tenacious

I am Unshakable

I am Victorious

I am a Warrior

I am eXtreme

I am Yes

I am Zippy 

Jesus, I Will…


Ascend to heaven with You

Bask in Your presence

Care about what You care about

Desire the desires of Your heart

Exalt Your name above all others

Fiercely follow You

Go where You lead me

Heal the sick and raise the dead

Illuminate Your glory

Journey where You take me

Kneel before You in worship

Love You with all my heart, soul, mind & strength

Minister to those You bring to me

Notice You in others

Operate from my place in heaven

Praise you continuously 

Quest for more

Respect You always

Serve those you bring to me

Trust You always

Undertake any assignment 

Victoriously stand for righteousness

Worship You daily

eXperience all of You have for me

Yell, shout, dance, and sing before You

Zero in on Your goodness

Jesus, I Say YES to… 


All You have for me

Being in Your presence

Choosing You

Dreams, visions and throne room encounters

Entering into my destiny

Friendship with You

Going where You send me

Heaven invading my life

Intimacy with You

Joining hands and hearts with You

Knowing Your heart

Loving like You

Manifestations; anywhere, anytime

New adventures 

Obeying You completely

Partnering with You

Quality time with You

Resurrection power

Supernatural encounters

Trusting You in all areas

Unlimited power and authority

Virtuous living

Whatever You ask of me

eXperiencing Your glory

Yielding completely to you

YES to Zooming with You

   Jesus, This Is How I Love You


I Await your presence

I Believe you show up

I Cease striving

I Desire only you

I Experience Your faithfulness

I Freely release my agenda

I Glance into Your eyes, and am undone

I Hold close to my heart our times together

I Intentionally give You all of me

I Join my heart with Yours

I Keep our time together a priority

I Listen as You speak just to me

I Meditate on what You say

I Nestle in close to you

I Offer my day to You

I Press in close to hear You speak

I Quiet my thoughts, so Yours are heard

I Rise early in the morning just for You

I Satisfy my every need by being with You

I Thank You for loving me the way You do

I Unite my heart to Yours

I Value our friendship

I Worship You with every fiber of my being

I eXamine my heart, and come before You purified

I Yield my spirit, soul, & body to Yours

I Zero in on what You desire for me

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